Adventure Passionately. Live Well. Love In All You Do.
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Welcome to LifeRVstyle, a blog dedicated to bringing you fun, interesting and informative tips and tales of life on the road.

 Life on the road is an open highway that can lead you to great adventure, new discoveries and special friendships with people who posses a unique spirit of adventure. Check in with LifeRVstyle regularly to find stories that bring you ideas for adventure and tips on what to do if... If there is one thing we promise, it's an interesting tale that will make you laugh, ponder or solve a challenge with aplomb.  
I'd like to share a bit about us, your new blogger friends! I'm Jan, a professional writer and marketer by trade having worked at ad agencies and as part of an in-house marketing group for a major company based in Orange County, California. Now I am a freelance writer and blogger traveling throughout the United States and Mexico. I have always loved the adventure of travel. I began by backpacking for a year down under after graduation from college, and have kept traveling since, every chance I get. Stay tuned for more on this girl's offbet perspective.
My husband Al is a MacGyver of sorts. And it sure is helpful to have a solution-oriented, sideways thinking person on board when you're barreling across the country. Having owned his own business and managed and mentored many, Al enjoys tremendous satisfaction in not only solving a problem but taking it one step further and developing an antidote. Al's ingenuity and love of problem solving creates many of the great fix it ideas featured on this blog. Al is a grandpa with 6 grandchildren and 3 children. He is Viet Nam veteran. He loves helping others. He is someone I am lucky to know and love.  
Our canine family members are Thunder Bighead, and Blaze. American Eskimos in their senior years who have enjoyed many remarkable travels: sniffing bison in Albuquerque, buffalo in Yellowstone, offroading in Arches National Park, and tail wags atop the Red Rocks of Sedona. These adventurous pups have traveled the country from So Cal to Maine, South Dakota to Tenessee. And when not traveling they reside in Baja Mexico. Now that's a dog's life worth wagging about! 
Living Well on the road of Life.

The journey of life has many twists, turns, speed bumps and even a few U-turns. Hindsight tells us to proceed with humor.

The LifeRVstyle blog is committed to bringing fresh, new and interesting content to RV travelers and campers who've set out on the journey of life in search of adventure. It is always wise to seek out the advice of those who have gone before us, if only to learn of a better route or cautionary tale. And then proceed as you will.